Why Use Direct To Film TRANSFERS?

Have you tried Direct to Film Transfers, the latest upgrade in the printing industry?


This innovative method of garment decoration is changing the game and the way people think about heat transfer printing. 

Direct to Film Transfers (DTF) is a printing process that can be mastered in minutes, and monetized immediately.


The most versatile form of printing, DTF transfers have many benefits, including:

  • Low-temperature heating applications
  • Lightweight Feel
  • The ability to print unlimited colors
  • No outlines or boxes
  • Very fine detail, including floating text
  • Can be applied anywhere on the garment


DTF technology is used for the creation of printed apparel of all kinds from shirts to hats to pants and more.


DTF printing can transfer any kind of image including artwork, photographs, logos, designs, and more to fabric, which is not only limited to apparel.

DTF Printing Allows You To Create:

  • T-shirts. One of the most common items created by DTF printing is t-shirts. Always in high demand, T-shirts can be made for a variety of purposes from schools to sports to other organizations.
  • Pockets on hoodies or shirts. Printing on a T-shirt may be easy, but when you want the design on the pocket of a t-shirt or the front pocket of a hoodie sweatshirt, DTF printing can help you print on these hard to target areas of garments.
  • Hats. From baseball caps and trucker hats to other styles, hats can be difficult to print on without damaging them. DTF printing makes it possible to print logos and designs on hats with challenging shapes.
  • Printed tags. Many apparel companies are opting for printed tags on the inside of their clothing products, and DTF printing is one way to achieve this.
  • Shorts/pants. Not much different from T-Shirts and other apparel, DTF printing allows logos and designs to be printed on shorts or pants.
  • Bags. DTF can print on tote bags, fanny packs, purses drawstring bags, and many other types of bags.
  • Flags/Banners. DTF printing doesn’t have to be limited to wearable fabrics. Other items like flags, banners, and tablecloths can be printed on, for events and fairs.
  • Any other fabric items. There are no limitations to what DTF printing can create in terms of garments and apparel. DTF makes it possible for printing on different textiles, consisting of cotton, nylon, rayon, polyester, natural leather, silk, and extra.


Extra advantages of DTF printing:

  • It’s easy to maintain.
  • No need Pretreatment.
  • The procedure uses regarding 75% less ink.
  • Much better printing quality
  • Compatible with lots of kinds of product.
  • Unmatched quality and high productivity.
  • Calls for less space than other technologies.